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P. 6

Rachel kept calm and played it cool.

                                                                But after two days of gut-wrenching

                                                                silence, Rachel had reached a boiling

                                                                And even though she never meant to

                                                                come off as "needy", she left 8 missed
                                                                calls on Mike's cell phone that night
                                                                and countless texts which she could

                                                                see he'd read, but chosen to ignore.
           He was suddenly so quiet and would
          resp ond a text message in hours, with
                                                                She went to sleep crying that night.
                         shor t replies.

                                                                It wasn't until the following afternoon

                                                                that Mike  nally responded.

        She almost let it go to voicemail, but changed her mind and picked it up at the last


        Rachel wanted to scream, but before she had a chance, Mike apologized and told

        her he had a lot on his plate at work.

        He assured her everything was  ne and suggested dinner the following night at
        their favorite restaurant. Then he promised he would call her the next day to nail
        down a time.

              Rachel had no idea Mike was only telling her what she

                                               wanted to hear.

        As Rachel hung up the phone, she felt like she could  nally breathe again and that
        night she slept like a baby for the  rst time in days.

        The next day she even came home early from work to  x her hair and put on Mike's
        favorite dress. Then she waited for his call...

        Of course, Mike's call never came.

        And no matter how many times she texted him, he never responded.
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